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How to Stop Being a Teenage Nihilist

Stefan Bertram-Lee

In 2017 Stefan Bertram-Lee decided to walk away from their computer keyboard, from their life in the UK as an extremely online 22-year-old edgelord and join the Kurdish YPG in Rojava. Their first book explores the many ways the online left has become truly nihilist and how that nihilism is realized. Offering their own experience in Rojava as a counter to the pessimism of the western left, Bertram Lee argues that, rather than looking to destroy what’s wrong in the world, the left aim at finding a creative political project.

Stefan Bertram-Lee is the co-host of the Culture Deconstructed podcast, they are the subject of the motion picture “Stefan vs. Isis,” a graduate student in Sociology at Swansea University in London.

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