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Sublation Media publishes books, pamphlets, magazine articles, videos, and podcasts. Our first title is Todd McGowan's "Enjoyment Right & Left," and we are proud to begin with his exploration of the difference between left and right-wing forms of jouissance or enjoyment.

The discursive analysis of ideology fails to capture the mode of enjoyment an ideology mobilizes. In his new path-breaking book, Todd McGowan elaborates on the formal structure of enjoyment which distinguishes the Left from the Right. The enjoyment mobilized by the Left is not sustained by envy and resentment, it leaves behind the motifs of the theft of enjoyment that permeates racism and sexism. Enjoyment Right & Left deserves to become an instant classic – it cuts into the very heart of what is wrong in today’s fundamentalism and its apparent opposite, permissive liberalism.

—Slavoj Žižek, Author of Less Than Nothing

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