Ashley Frawley

Ashley Frawley is a lecturer at Swansea University and a sociologist, and the author of The Semiotics of Happiness.

Pascal Robert

Pascal Robert is a recovering lawyer, writer, and a co-host at the This is Revolution Podcast.

Djene Bajalan

Djene Bajalan is a history professor at Missouri State specializing in the rise of nationalism and the evolution of the Kurdish question.

Alfie Bown

Alfie Bown is Lecturer in Digital Media Culture and Technology at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Spencer Leonard

Spencer Leonard is a professor at the University of Virginia, and a founding member of the Platypus Affiliated Society.

Clint Montgomery

Clint Montgomery is a former PhD student who left the academy to build Sublation and independent Leftist media in general.

Douglas Lain

Douglas Lain is the former publishing manager for Zer0 Books and the novelist behind books such as Bash Bash Revolution.

John M. Bunch

John M. Bunch is an instructional psychologist who we think lives in the backwoods of Florida.